What is Product Management ? Responsibilities, Intern, Resume, Associate, Salary

What is Product Management ?

Product management is hard to follow and difficult to master due to its flexibility and compactness.

It is a money-making and illuminating career that holds a diversity of roles and responsibilities that must be followed, depending on the experience level.

Product management titles vary from the beginning as an intern or an entry role of a it’s associate to a senior chief product manager who manages the whole product team.

What is Product Management ? Meaning, Responsibilities, Intern, Resume, Associate, Salary

Product management is an administrative function that manages a product’s lifecycle throughout every step from planning to positioning and put a price on by centering on the product and its customers above all.

The product managers stand up for consumers within the company to make the voice of the market is listened to and noticed so they can develop the best desirable product.

In tech, where newer and better solutions removed ingrained products fastly, the need becomes more than ever for a close perception of customers and the talent to build customize and adjustable solutions for them. That’s where product management comes in. But here the question arises that what are the responsibilities of product manager Lets find the answer-

Product Management Responsibilities

The product manager has to take care of both the internal and external product management responsibilities. While the internal product management responsibilities involve product strategy and roadmap planning, the external product management responsibilities involve the product marketing and go-to-market activities, and you as product managers have to look after both of them.


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Product strategy and roadmap planning (Internal)

Internal product management includes the responsibility of collecting customer researches and analyzing the latest industry trends. It also involves setting the plan and managing the roadmap for strong product development.

  • Customer interviews
  • Defining features and requirements
  • Building roadmaps
  • Release management
  • Go-to resource for engineering
  • Sales and support training
  • Strategy and Vision

Product marketing and go-to-market activities (External)

External product management encompasses the product marketing liabilities, such as branding and messaging, new product launches, customer communication, PR, advertising, and events.

  • Competitived Differentiation
  • Poistioning and messaging
  • Naming and Branding
  • Customer Communication
  • Product Launches
  • Press and analyst Relation

Product management as a profession remains expanding. Demand for well-qualified product managers is increasing at every level. But many people don’t even know how to become successful in this field.

If you are looking to start a career in product management, you will have to go through some of the processes to hold a position in the product management team as a product manager. And we are here to help you understand what are these steps and what are the responsibilities and requirements to pass them.

Let’s see what are the steps to go through for having a successful career in product manager

  • Product Management Resume
  • Product Management Intern
  • Product Management Associate

Product Management Resume

A product management resume has to indicate your capabilities and skills and tell employers that you can perform things that happen. 

The purpose of a great resume is to highlight achievements that match the job profile, demonstrate your value, and set you apart from other candidates.

Resume Goal

Applying for a position in product management indicates that your resume should be filled, with product development knowledge as well as experience. Any designation like associate product management, department junior, and assistant manager is all a great hike to your resume.

Here are remarkable techniques to show the variety of skill required for successful product management on your resume:

  • Concentrate on the Market along with the Product
  • Deliver a clear Product Strategy
  • Make Management’s Job more Comfortable
  • Understand the Main Purpose of Product Management
  • Back-up plans along with Data.

Product Management Intern 

Becoming a product management intern is an excellent move to open up yourself to the product manager job because some companies demand past product management experience. It’s a great way to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a product manager job.

Role of a Product Management Intern

The product management interns’ roles and responsibilities can change drastically. Every company has its list of roles and responsibilities assigned for the interns, and, as a result, each product management internship can have different responsibilities. 

However, it is nearly about what a product manager has to do in their everyday tasks. Therefore, product management internships generally have the roles and responsibilities same as a product manager, although without the decision-making powers.

Here are some of the most common roles and responsibilities you can expect from product manager interns:

  • Improve and Develop Strategies
  • Collaborate with All Important Stakeholders
  • Work on the Product Lifecycle and Roadmap
  • Conduct Executions and Monitor Outcomes

Product Management Associate 

As a Product Management Associate, you have to sustain a strong relationship with high-profile customers and make them your business to drive innovative product development. Your work is to analyze, research, and set business and customer needs by identifying opportunities for business growth and connecting the requirements of the business through interpretation and communication.

Now let’s dive deep into the Impact and Responsibilities of a Product Management Associate.

Impact of Product Management Associate  

  • Bring the product to life by understanding it’s Vision
  • Help to foster a collaborative environment
  • Become a partner to the customers

Product Management Salary

There is no usual pay for a product manager, salary relies on several factors that comprise:


  • The development of the product manager department between the company.
  • The rank of product management in the managerial authority.
  • The status of the employee.
  • Expertise and trace the record of an applicant.
  • Negotiation abilities of the applicant.
  • Compensation paid by rival companies.

Studies of product management salary have announced the coming ballpark estimates over the US for support salaries. 

  • Product Manager: $78,000- $154,000
  • Product Analysts: $58,000- $117,000
  • Vice President or Head of Product Management : $130,000- $254,000
  • Director of Product Management : $123,000- $213,000
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Product management is basically about knowing the requirements and wishes of the customer segments you are serving, finding the right product to meet those needs, and working with a cross-functional team and continuously improving that product Refining, ensuring it is ultimately flourishing in the market.

If your dream is to become a successful Product Manager then you have to follow the guideline mentioned above. Still, Product Management is the most suitable place to build values, while concentrating on making a result before giving output.

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