What is Employee Relations ? | Types, Importance and Objectives

What is Employee Relations ?

Employee relations can be described as the relations between the employees, workers, labourers in a company. For a company to be successful,  there should be proper coordination between its employees,  labourers, workers. People often think that employee relations and industrial relations are synonymous.

What is Employees Relations ? Types, Importance and Objectives of Employees Relations


However, these two terms are different. Even, employee relations are thought to be concerned with only non-unionized labourers. But it’s not right, employee relations are concerned with both unionized and non-unionized labourers,  workers and managers.


Industrial relations may sound similar to employee relations but they have many differences. Industrial relations are based on three things namely science building, solving the problem and ethics. The success of an industry depends upon the communication and coordination between its staff.


Generally the managers treat the labourers rudely. This can create a conflict between the labourers and managers. The labourers can make their union and protest against the industry. This conflict and protest will create a negative impact on the reputation of the industry. Therefore, positive communication between the managers and labourers is necessary. 


Since you know the importance of employee relations, you might think of a method to maintain this relationship between managers and labourers. This is possible,  but first, the managers need to give respect to the labourers.  They need to understand that the labourers are also contributors to the company. Managers have a mentality that the labourers are only paid workers in the company.


So, To build a healthy relationship between employees, thus the wrong mentality needs to be changed. You may also organize camps or seminars in a company where you can provide information about employee relations to your staff.

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Types of Employees Relations :-

Positive employee relations can result in great productivity and creativity in an organization. Here, we will discuss six types of employee relations that you should focus on for the success of your company. 


1.    Employer branding – It includes creating an effective image as an employer. Here, you have to work on your brand values and knowledge. Shortly, we can say that you have to optimize your personality as a successful employer.


2.    Recruiting- Here, you have to focus on the mindset of the candidate applying for a job in your company. Test their communication skills, their ideas and their approach towards the post they are applying for. Keep the recruiting process enjoyable, fair, easy but professional. The candidates will be comfortable and therefore,  they are present their best.


3.    Onboarding – When a new candidate joins your company, you should treat them well. You should introduce the candidate to other members of your staff. You also organize a welcome lunch or a small party for the new candidates who join the company.

Basically what you have to do is to provide comfort to the new employees initially. This way, the new employees will be able to communicate with other staff members.

They will be able to work with the other employees and form a healthy employee relation. But, you should always keep an eye on the employee engagement activities. 


4.    Leadership- As appears from the term itself, it is an important responsibility. The right kind of leadership can take the company towards the path of success. The person doing leadership should be generous, well behaved, honest and professional.  The whole staff of the company has so many expectations from the person doing leadership.

Therefore while choosing a person for leadership in your company, check the way he or she deals with different problems related to employees and the company. 


5.    Maintaining public relationships- It is described as the management of the relations between all the staff members. When you decide to release any information or news regarding your company in public,  you should always consult with all staff members.

You may hold a meeting in your company or any small gathering where you can present your thoughts to other staff members. Due to this, your staff members will think that you value their opinion.


6.    Management of performance- We have discussed many points regarding the employees but the most important thing in the management of his or her performance. You should keep an eye on the performance of your employees.

You may compare the performance of an employee in 2-3 months. If there is any problem with the performance of any employee,  you may frankly discuss it with them and help them to improve.


Importance of Employees Relations :-


The ultimate goal of maintaining a healthy employee relationship is to make the company successful. That’s why every company or industry should focus on building good employee relationships between the staff. Some benefits of maintaining a healthy relationship are discussed below.


    Loyal employees – Since there will be good communication between you and your employees,  they will frankly talk to you. Whenever,  they will face any problem regarding work, salary or any other staff member’s behaviour, they will discuss it with you.

Instead of leaving their job, they will choose to talk to their boss. Once they discuss their issues with you, you can take the necessary steps to solve them.


    Motivated employees- Everyone feels good when someone appreciates them or their work. When you will appreciate your staff members for their work and behaviour they will feel like you respect them and their work. This will motivate them to increase their performance.

Every day,  they will try to work more efficiently for the success of the company. As a result, your company will reach new heights of success.


    Reduced conflicts between employees- Many times employees start arguments in the workplace which create a negative impact on other employees also. If there will be better communication between you and your staff members, any employee will choose to talk about the problem instead of augmenting.

They will choose discussion over fights. The staff members will form a bond where they will listen to each others problems. As a result, there will be fewer or no conflicts between the staff members.


    Forming a bond of trust – Trust is the base of anything. For example, will you hire a maid for housekeeping if you feel she can’t be trusted? Surely, you will never hire her. Similarly,  any employee will not be able to work if he or she thinks their boss cannot be trusted.

Therefore, build a relationship of trust with your employees. Always try to be honest with them. If an employee will trust their boss and fellow staff members, he or she will feel more comfortable. Your employees will also maintain the bond of trust.


    Balance between work and personal life- These days, companies force their employees to work so much that the employees feel depressed. Due to the unwanted workload, they aren’t able to keep a balance between work and life.

They don’t get time for their family, personal chores etc. Due to this, their performance decreases. A healthy employee relationship means you give them enough time for their personal life. You respect your employee’s needs. 


    Professional workplace- The good communication skills of your employees will let them focus on the work. They will not disturb other employees by initiating useless discussions. Every employee will focus on completing the work on time. This will create a fully professional atmosphere in the workplace. 


Objective of Employees Relations :-


Since now, we have discussed so many things related to the importance of employee relations, you might think of the objective for building employee relations.

Yes there are many objectives of creating this kind of healthy relationship between the employees.


    A better employee relationship will let the labourers be a part of the company’s management. The managers will treat the labourers respectfully.


    Since both the labourers and the managers will accept each other. There will be no chance of any conflict between labourers and managers.

Both will work together peacefully. When labourers will face any problem, they will prefer talking to the manager instead of doing protest. The labourers will not make unions for protesting against the managers and the company.


    The company will be more successful since its employees will work together and productivity will increase. The company will become more reputed since there will be no news of conflicts or protests between labourers and managers.

Instead, there will discussions about the great communication skills between the staff members of the company. 


Overall, building a healthy employee relationship is necessary nowadays. Since, every day we hear about conflicts between labourers and management in a company, the protests etc.

Both the labourers and managers must respect each other work. They should build a professional but healthy relationship. When they will trust each other, there will be no conflicts between them. They will always solve the problem through discussion.

When there will be no conflicts,  every member of the company will be able to work and give their best. As a result of this healthy relationship between the employees, the company will be more successful.



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