What is Guerrilla Marketing ? Example and Types of Guerrilla Marketing

  What is Guerrilla Marketing ? Example and Types of Guerrilla Marketing

What is Guerrilla Marketing, example and Types of guerrilla marketing


Guerrilla Marketing is a creative marketing strategy that is employed by most companies and small businesses all over the world to sell their products unexpectedly.


Many of you might not even be familiar with the term “Guerrilla Marketing,” although it is well-known in the marketing industry. As the number of COVID19 active cases continues to rise, many small and medium-sized enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their present operations running successfully.

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 It was first used or popularised in the 1980s by Jay Conrad Levinson, who invented or popularised it. Nowadays, most businesses choose to employ guerilla marketing strategies since they involve less investment of time and money and allow for greater innovation.


It is less expensive than traditional marketing methods. Because it is cost-effective and focuses more on reach than frequency, most small and large businesses attempt to indulge and get client attention with this method. 


Why is guerrilla marketing a good strategy?

You might be thinking now that if inventive marketing methods are available to grab consumer attention, why are many firms focusing on guerilla commercialization?

Marketers focus on guerilla marketing on building a mood among the customer that would assist a brand obtain more profit. The major objective of this kind of marketing approach is to get maximum client attention with little expenditures.


Most marketers throughout the industry are trying to build surprise and memorable marketing methods that may assist consumers in recalling the product/brand for a long period. 


Is Guerrilla marketing good for your business ?

Low Cost 

Guerrilla marketing is useful for both large and small firms to develop suitable business strategies, as it involves less expenditure and there are chances that the campaign you are attempting to establish will become viral.


Attract new Customers

The objective of Guerrilla Marketing is to acquire new consumers and to persuade old consumers to buy and raise awareness. Many collaborative offerings can be discovered to expand your business.


Create Memorable experience

If your campaign is excellent enough to capture and amaze your audience, it will certainly help you create a memorable, durable campaign which people will remember.

 Example of Guerrilla Marketing

Now that you know what guerrilla marketing is, let’s have a look at some of the few examples where guerrilla marketing can be used.


1. Marketing Guerrilla in a Zebra Crossing

The zebra crossings are one of the common sites to develop guerrilla marketing activity. You can play a lot with the lines painted on the floor if you have the requisite imagination. 


2. Marketing in Urban Benches

Following the same reasoning used in zebra crossings, the actions that guerrilla marketing aims to take on the customer in his routine are on urban benches.

KitKat made its seats famous in the form of chocolate bars. The sweets brand benefits from the distinctive design of its goods, in the form of bars, with the iconic red paper.


3. Bus Stops

Bus stations are intriguing places to do so because:-


• There’s a common influx of individuals.

• This is not a transportation place, but the users spend a lot of time, therefore the brand may get their attention.


• In addition, numerous businesses use advertising in bus shelters to reach even further. For example, in order to promote the film Up, not only was the marquee used to display the two-dimensional picture but real globes were also employed in conjunction with the film’s theme.


4. Guerrilla Marketing in Public Transport

The inventiveness of guerrilla marketing can also be seen in unexpected places, such as public transport. Seeing a snake wrap around the bus and squash the automobile is truly extraordinary and one of its kind.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

1. Ambient

The term “ambient marketing” refers to a type of marketing that takes place in the environment. It operates similarly to traditional offline ads, such as those found in magazines or on television, in that it involves the placement of an attention-grabbing item or picture in a prominent location.

The most effective ambient marketing strategies leave a lasting impact on potential customers while also improving the environment in which they are implemented.


2. Wild Posting Marketing

This strategy, which is not different from conventional flyer distribution, also derives its cues from a more conventional type of advertising. Wild posting, on the other hand, makes use of eye-catching graphics and repetition to assist its message to become more noticed and more likely to evoke a reaction from the audience.

The key to a successful wild posting campaign is to inject positive color and texture into the dull urban environments, so boosting the overall experience of the environment.


3. Reverse Graffiti

The use of reverse graffiti is another unique method of exposing your brand’s message to the general public. This strategy provides your advertising the visual impact of street art without the legal repercussions of placing permanent tags on your products.


4. Undercover

 This strategy, which is one of the most contentious varieties of guerrilla marketing, involves making a sales presentation to a consumer without the customer realizing that they are being sold to.


Undercover marketing, also known as buzz marketing, is a strategy that involves generating a commotion about a product or service in the hopes that it will spread to a larger group of consumers.

As a result, if your marketing team decides to use this strategy, they must make certain that they are conducting themselves legally and ethically.


5. Grassroots

 It is a  far more appealing strategy to create buzz for a new product; it requires a bit more effort, but, if done well, may offer far better results. A grassroots guerilla marketing strategy is focused on winning over small groups of customers one at a time, with the hope that their excitement will spread to a broader audience.

It is a fantastic idea to launch a grassroots campaign if you are convinced that your vision statement is something that a devoted group of followers would support.


6. Ambush

Ambush marketing is one of the most ambitious guerrilla marketing strategies, and it occurs when a business interrupts an event with a message that is intended for that event. Ambush marketing is a high-risk, high-reward method that may provide excellent results.


7. Stealth

 Stealth marketing is the more ‘acceptable’ variant of undercover marketing, for want of a better phrase. It is essentially a more sophisticated variation of product placement, in which a corporation employs items that are branded with its logo in a genuine context to increase the identification of the brand.


There are a variety of approaches that can be used to implement a successful stealth marketing campaign, however, the level of exposure you receive will typically be proportional to the amount of money you spend on the campaign.


8. Experiential

This strategy is centered on presenting your potential consumers with an experience that they can engage with and learn from. Indeed, the most effective strategy for experiential marketing is one that creates a memorable setting for your consumers and connects them with something that represents your company. 


To develop a successful experiential marketing opportunity, you must first find a suitable place where your customers can connect with you, and then plan an activity that will leave a lasting impact on them. That event could be anything from a sporting event to a fair or even a convention.

Once the event has been determined, your marketing team will need to create an experience that ties everything together.

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These, of course, are only some of the methods with which you can organize an efficient guerrilla marketing campaign, but the sheer definition of the idea does not prevent you from inventing and making you aware of an altogether new manner.


The main thing is to capture and produce something distinctive from your target consumers to distinguish you from your rivals. Just ensure that you stay on the right side of the law!

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