What is Product Management ? Skills, Tools, Role and Responsibilities

In Business, Product Management is the type of job function to look after a particular product of a company. It is a kind of organizational function that gives value to any company which simply means developing a perfect strategy for the product.

It includes various functions such as Product Development, Marketing of products, selling of products, and revenue management.

Product Management | Required Skills for Product Management | Tools for Product Management | Role of the Product Managers


Here in this article, We will provide complete information about product management. Through this blog article, we will know what product management is, what skills are required for product management, etc. We will also discuss the Tools used for product management and the roles of product managers in an organization.

What is Product Management ?

Product management is the organizational function that helps the company to meet the organizational goals. The function provides full guidance for the product development life cycle. It covers the development of new products, pricing of products, forecasting, better planning, product launch as well as their marketing, etc.

For any company to remain in the market, it is very important to keep in mind the needs of its customers. That is why product managers keep in mind the needs of the customers to develop the best product.

What are the Required skills for Product Management?

When talking about product management, the product managers must have complete knowledge about the trends of the market and industries. A skilled product manager should be able to set up KPIs(Key Performance Indicator) for product development as well as track them. These are the following core skills that are required for managing the product development life cycle:

1- Analysing and Understanding Data

It is very necessary for product managers that they should come to read the data and interpret it correctly. So that they can properly analyze and understand the data. When they are not able to interpret the data, they are unable to give details of market trends. All the data of product management strategy is present in digital transformation so it is more crucial to analyze data.

To define the market needs document, a product manager should be able to understand the data. A market needs document is a type of document where you articulate all the valuable market problems. A product manager is responsible for resolving all the market problems with priorities and justification.

2- Setting up KPIs and Industry Insights

A skilled product manager must know Market and industry trends to analyze the customer’s requirements. They should be able to set up KPIs and track it properly. The needs of the customers can be estimated accurately through the KPI. KPIs include various terms such as customer acquisition costs, customer conversion rate, customer satisfaction, daily active users, features usage, user churn, Net Promoter Score, customer lifetime value, etc.

3- Perfect Strategic planning 

Product managers need to create a better strategy for the development of products. It helps in keeping an insight into the various activities of the market and the competition. It helps in defining the goals of the company as well as maintaining a vision towards achieving them. 

Any company needs to make the right strategy to achieve the company’s goals.

4- Business skills 

A product manager must have basic business skills. You do not need any degree to start any business but for this, you need to know some basic business skills. Any product manager needs to have these business skills for product management. Because it has a complete impact on the development of products.

5- Marketing and Communication Skills

Product managers must have marketing and communication skills. It is very essential for marketing and selling products in the market. It helps in maintaining a relationship between the manufacturers of the products and their users and other stakeholders. When a company manufactures products keeping in mind the needs of their customers, then they can provide them with long-lasting solutions.

6- Technical Expertise

A Product manager should have complete knowledge about the products or specific domain expertise so that he can provide proper guidance to his team. To develop products based on customer requirements a product manager must be expertise so that he can resolve all the issues effectively.

What are the tools used for product management?

Product Management tools assist you and your team during the product development life cycle. These tools and techniques help in managing and organizing projects and tasks. Here is the list of top best Tools that are used for product management and that are as follows:

  • Monday.com
  • API Fuse
  • Roadmunk
  • Clubhouse
  • Air focus
  • ProdPad
  • Product board
  • Product plan
  • Jira
  • Wrike

What is the role of the Product Management function in an Organisation?

The Product Management function plays an essential role in any Organisation for defining and supporting feasible, viable, desirable, and sustainable products. So that the organization can meet customer requirements. 

Product management keeps in mind the changing needs of customers and also focuses on customer satisfaction. This job function consists of product managers interacting with existing customers and at the same time search for new customers. Product managers provide full leadership to the development of new products to their team for development of products.

In any company or organization, the product manager is responsible for the development of products as well as their success and failure. Here is the list of roles of Product Managers which are as follows: 

Roles and Functions of Product Manager:
  • A Product Manager defines the Product Vision, Strategy, and Roadmap to develop Products based on Customer requirements.
  • A Product Manager gathers all the information/data regarding market and Customer requirements. And also manager and prioritizes the data in an effective manner.
  • Product Managers in the Company or organization understand the needs of the customers and also advocate for them.
  • A Product Manager works with the whole team including engineers, sales manager, and marketing managers.
  • Product manager also ensure the Business case and are responsible for achieving the organizational goals.

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